Personal Branding Fails: Is Your Vulnerability Hurting Your Business?


It is the place where you have just seconds to grab an attention and, pre-qualify those who are attracted to your personality. This filters them into two categories:

  • Those who also are attracted to your professional offers. we am not saying they are interested in hiring you, but you clearly will be mentally tagged as “something they need” and
  •  Everyone else, who when the attraction is really strong, could still be your referrals, even if what you do is not what they are looking for.

Therefore your personal profile plays a HUGE role – whether you consciously realize it helps you attract clients or not yet, and even if you try to convince yourself that you keep business and personal separately.

When we do business with people – it is ALWAYS about people. If you are a coach, a trainer, a service provider or anyone who relies on face to face interaction even if “face to face” is them looking at you on screen, in case of online course creators – if you are in this group, this means client attraction is a concern at some stage, and you NEED to listen to our advice right now very carefully!


Optimizing your personal profile to make the first crucial seconds count is PARAMOUNT. It means clarity, no noise and well defined next step for them to take if they are interested.

BUT!!! From the the second, if all of the above worked, the attention will go entirely on what you posted recently. And this is another point where you can “make or break” the relationships with your potential dream clients.

When your posts are about how hard it is for you to do XYZ, how you hate this, and how dis-empowering that is – what impression do you think you are leaving?

This is even worse than if you’re not posting anything authentic and hiding behind sharing links to other people’s content and motivational quotes all the time. Another disastrous area.


Yes, vulnerability is essential. No one believes happy, flowers and unicorns, and you should talk about your past struggles, and occasionally current ones – but ONLY when added strategically, ONLY when they serve a purpose to connect, but also to show that you are looking for the solutions to your struggles.


WE advice – always treat your personal profile as a client attraction tool even if it merely means controlling your rants and public complaints. Always think about the impression you are making if your dream client was to stumble upon your profile. Make sure that when you are sending people friend requests – your latest post is authoritative and serves you, not hurts you!

Go check your profile now as if you were a complete stranger and look objectively – what is the picture that your last – posts paints about you?




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